According to new Australian research listening to certain music could lead to young people abusing alcohol and drugs.

According to a Queensland University of technology study listening to more positive or soothing music you could prevent any abuse or treat it.  Read the rest of this entry »

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has revealed all in new biography ‘The Undisputed Truth’.

In the biography he talks about his experiences with drugs saying: “I was a full-blown cokehead,”  and that for a large part of his career he was addicted to Marijuana and Cocaine.

He also spoke about how he entered the ring whilst being high on drugs.

He claims he first tried cocaine aged just 11 and wrote: “The history of war is the history of drugs. Every great general and warrior from the beginning of time was high.”

He also admitted that he used a fake penis to fool drug testers by filling it someone else’s urine.

He did however get caught out the same year and he said it was because he was tested before someone could hand him over the fake penis.

He said: “I’m a bad guy. I did a lot of bad things and I want to be forgiven. I want to change my life. I want to live my life sober.

“I don’t want to die. I’m on the verge of dying because I’m a vicious alcoholic.”

Officials say that marijuana smokers are using the battery powered e-cigarettes to smoke marijuana in public undetected as it does not let of any smells or fumes.

When Cannabis is broke down into liquid or wax forms it does not let of any fumes which makes it easy to use the drug undetected with the use of an e-cigarette.  Read the rest of this entry »

Ex X Factor judge Tulisa has been arrested by the police on suspicion of supplying cocaine.

The sun newspaper revealed Tulisa as the middle man between their reporter and the drug dealer and you can see a text of her setting the drug meeting up where her friend Mike GLC sold The Sun reporter £800 worth of cocaine.

Both Tulisa and Mike GLC have been arrested and the police were seen removing two bags of evidence from Tulisa’s home.

The two have been released on bail until July.

A metropolitan police spokesman said: “We have received information concerning the alleged supply of illegal drugs. We are considering the information received.”

According to the latest European Drug Report 2013 Europe is being flooded with new synthetic drugs.

Last year 72 new synthetic drugs were reported and officially noted with 30 of the 73 being cannabinoids which replicate the effect of cannabis.

The report says: “These products, which can be extremely potent, have now been reported in virtually all European countries,”

The report goes on to add: “The unprecedented growth in the number, type and availability of new drugs over the past few years has seen the phenomenon take on global significance, the rapid appearance of non-controlled alternatives to controlled drugs underlines the ability of the market to respond to changes in the legal status of psychoactive substances.”

It appears that their will be a shift in using these drugs and can prove harder to spot through customs and can be packaged in bulk.

These drugs can kill and really damage people liver so we can expect an increase in liver damage in Europe.

Two men from Tottenham, London aged 82 and 62 have been charfed with attempting to smuggle £200,000 worth of cocaine into the UK.

The two men Donald Garwood (82) and Calvin Campbell (62) were arrested by border force officer at Gatwick Airport’s south terminal on thursday at 10:30 am after it was discovered that the two were trying to smuggle in cocaine.

The two who had seemingly got the cocaine from Montego Bay as this was were they came from have been charged with attempting to import a class A drug. It was estimated that they tried to smuggle almost two kilos of cocaine which had a street value of £200,000.

Border Force South Region deputy director, David Holt, said: “Border Force officers at Gatwick are on constant alert to prevent illegal drugs and other contraband reaching the UK.

“Drug trafficking is a serious offence and those convicted face long prison sentences.”

Every year hundreds of children in Scotland lose a parent to a drug-related death a new report has shown.

In 2011 331 children lost a parent or a parental figure in there life as a result of drug abuse and in 2010 the figure was 238 so there has been a significant increase and in more than half of the deaths the substitute drug for heroin methadone was used.

Dr Roy Robertson said: “The deaths are partly the legacy of the large influx of drugs we saw in Scotland in the 1980s. Inevitably people are going to die younger as a result of this.”

Labour justice spokesman Lewis Macdonald said: “The number of drug deaths continues to rise and the trend is deeply worrying. While methadone is a valuable way of stabilising drug use, it can’t be seen to be the only solution for drug addiction. ”

Paul Tuohy, chief executive of substance abuse prevention charity Mentor argued: “We need to rethink our entire approach. If those parents who are dying now because of their drug misuse had been given proper support and effective preventative programmes at school, many would not have gone on to become addicted to drugs.”

Lastly a government spokeswoman said: “We are dealing with a long legacy of drug use. That’s why our strategy aims to ensure those who need treatment get it and why we have invested record amounts in front-line services to help people recover, £30.2 million in 2012-13, a rise of more than 20 per cent since 2006-07.”

Greater Manchester police targeted Manchester’s most wanted offender and done so by using 285 warrants between March 25 and April 14 which saw a total of £69,990 seized with 1,927 arrested out of the 3,163 known offenders visited.

The people arrested had involvement in a lot of different crimes with some drug-related crimes.

Assistant Chief Constable Ian Wiggett, for Greater Manchester Police, said: “This operation has been one of our most successful force-wide operations to date with so many criminals being arrested and swept up off our streets.

“We have been working hard to clean our streets of the offenders causing the most harm to our communities; this is reflected in the overall results. As this operation has drawn to a close it is still business as usual for Greater Manchester Police.”

Cannabis factories were found in Salford and Wigan with eight people arrested for organised crime and 36 arrests for those who were apart of the drugs operation.


After Millwall’s antics in the FA Cup semi final against Wigan where hooligans began fighting each over in the stands and also fighting with police with one individual seen stealing a police man’s hat.

Now traces of cocaine have been found in the stadium which is thought to have fuelled the fans and begin fighting with each over.

The Sun found that 12 out of 25 cubicles had traces of cocaine.

Not only are the fans been taking cocaine but it has also been heard tht cannabis has been smelt in the stands.

These findings come after Millwalls despicable brawling at Wembley stadium between them self and the police in which one fan thought it would be smart to steal a police man’s hat but unfortunately for him the cameras caught him in the act.

After hearing these findings a spokesman of the club said:

“At every match, we do anti-smoking and anti-drug monitoring in toilets.

“Regular steward patrols are mounted and specific operations have led to arrests for possession of Class A drugs.

“However, if individuals lock themselves in toilet cubicles with the intention to use illegal substances it’s impossible to always identify them.

“Regrettably, if The Sun conducted a similar investigation in pubs, clubs, sports and music arenas in any inner-city area, these findings would undoubtedly be replicated.”


Kim porter, an ex-girlfriend of P.Diddy is being of accused of using Cocaine around their twin daughters.

Kim’s nanny from 2011-2012 has also provided some information to back the accusation saying that one time she drove them to school they were covered in white powder adding that the twins had got hold of a bag containing the cocaine and capsules that contained a powder substance.

Once the Nanny had confronted her about the cocaine around the house Mrs Porter claimed that it was medicine.

The nanny named Dawn Drago also says that Kim porter did not take the childrens health into consideration saying that she would smoke marijuana in the house whilst the children were there thus promoting passive smoking.

P.Diddy or Porter have both decided to not release a statement about the case.

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