Europe warned of the flooding of new psychoactive drugs coming

According to the latest European Drug Report 2013 Europe is being flooded with new synthetic drugs.

Last year 72 new synthetic drugs were reported and officially noted with 30 of the 73 being cannabinoids which replicate the effect of cannabis.

The report says: “These products, which can be extremely potent, have now been reported in virtually all European countries,”

The report goes on to add: “The unprecedented growth in the number, type and availability of new drugs over the past few years has seen the phenomenon take on global significance, the rapid appearance of non-controlled alternatives to controlled drugs underlines the ability of the market to respond to changes in the legal status of psychoactive substances.”

It appears that their will be a shift in using these drugs and can prove harder to spot through customs and can be packaged in bulk.

These drugs can kill and really damage people liver so we can expect an increase in liver damage in Europe.

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