Marijuanna Smokers are now smoking in Public undetected with the use of E-cigarettes

Officials say that marijuana smokers are using the battery powered e-cigarettes to smoke marijuana in public undetected as it does not let of any smells or fumes.

When Cannabis is broke down into liquid or wax forms it does not let of any fumes which makes it easy to use the drug undetected with the use of an e-cigarette. 

An anonymous marijuana user said: ’I was on the train from New York to Baltimore and I enjoyed the pen the whole way there and back with no one noticing,’

The use of vaporisers has always been their but now smokers are using the e-cigarette which makes it harder to identify what the person is actually smoking.

You-tubers are also making tutorials on how to modify the e-cigarette.

New York assembly woman Linda Rosenthal said: ’Once you try electronic cigarettes, you can become hooked to them, move on to cigarettes and then move on to other drugs,’


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