Music Linked to Drug and Alcohol Abuse

According to new Australian research listening to certain music could lead to young people abusing alcohol and drugs.

According to a Queensland University of technology study listening to more positive or soothing music you could prevent any abuse or treat it. 

These findings will encourage doctors to make their patients more aware of the music they listen to could be having a negative affect and could lead them down bad paths. Some common question they may ask is what type of music they listen to.

People who listen to high tempo songs may be at risk of taking club drugs compared to someone who listens to more soothing music such as classical or reggae.

Researcher, Dr Dingle said: ”It is broader than just how it makes you feel, it might be also that it triggers cravings for substance use if that music is associated with previous use in some way,

“Some of the key things are tempo because that has an impact on heartbeat, its also lyrics because young people tend to take them on as messages to themselves, the sound of vocal and music quality, and whether it is in a major or minor mode which can make it feel happier or sadder music.”

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