Powerful tips eliminate dark spots on face quickly

Dark spots on people’s faces usually cause a lot of worries which can even culminate to stress, many
people world over have been struggling with this problem without any solution at hand, a lot of
marketing has been going on online about the remedy of dark spots on face, many good and fake
solutions have been on the market for too long time, but there are proven techniques and tips that can
help eliminate dark spots on face, the tips will help you to deal with the problem very fast and with
minimal or no side effects at all


1.This is a process done to the face to remove dark spots, it involves a chemical process that can act very
fast with rapid results to boot.

2. It is a process whereby the old skin is gradually removed through exfoliation process, and a new skin
comes to the surface, the unique products like glycol cleansers are used in the process.

3. The chemical or clinical method makes the process fast with a more effective result as compared to
natural products like lemon juice that works gradually.

Acid Solutions:

1.There are set acid treatment that are also used for this purpose and with faster results, the two kinds
administered here in this case are alpha based and beta based hydroxyl, they constitute the properties
found in these products.

2. The alpha based acids are effective in skin exfoliation process, they are found mainly from food
products, the byproducts like citric acid and other types are the active ingredients in this process.

3.Beta based hydroxyl products can be easily purchased over the counter, the acids can be added into
the cleanser and other face creams, it is results when applied on the face with dark spots is fast, though
stronger types should be used for this purpose.

4.Retinoic based acid is also very effective in the removal of acne and dark spots from the face, but it,
only available by prescription in most of the US regions.

Chemical Process:

1. Peeling your skin using chemical products can be applicable if the other methods do not work
efficiently, they are available in stronger concentrations and with fast action.

2. They are categorized into three; for a milder, medium concentration and deep or stronger, different
skin types will apply here, finer skin takes the milder then stronger skin the deeper concentration.

3. Light peels are considered most effective to remove the dark spots and acne

4.Milder peels are used mostly for skins that have been damaged by sunburn, they are applied every
other week until the result is achieved, not recommended for dark skinned since they can cause
pigmentation to such skin type. The later type for deep peels are for severely damaged skins only, must
be done under medical supervision and can take a long time before totally recovered.


1.This process often known as microdermabrasion uses fine crystals gradually to rub off dark spots from
the face.

2. The process is gradual in nature and needs a qualified dermatologist to process it, it is done delicately
so as not to overdo it which can damage the skin.

3. Once the dark spot layer of the skin is gradually rubbed off, the new surface comes into place that is

4. It is scheduled to be done once every month for an effective result to be achieved, this can take some
months depending with your skin uptake.


1. Laser bombards the dark spots with rapid rays of light that damages the melanin causing dark spots
and acne, the treatment is very effective but too expensive, but depending on one’s budget it is
considered a very effective and fast method to eliminate dark spots on the face.

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